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Transportation Planning Traffic Signal Systems Design Transit Planning, Operations, and Design
Traffic Operations Traffic Engineering and Traffic Safety Intelligent Transportation System Design

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  • Arterial Road Operations and Simulation Analysis
  • Signal Timing and Phasing Analysis
  • Freeway Operations and Simulation Analysis
  • Vehicle Queuing Analysis

Traffic operations analysis bridges the gap between transportation planning and traffic engineering and design. CHS senior transportation planners and traffic engineers have over 25 years experience in analyzing traffic operations in saturated urban environments to develop realistic solutions to complex traffic problems.

CHS transportation planners and engineers use state-of-the-art microscopic computer simulation software such as Transyt, Synchro, CORSIM, and VISSIM to perform traffic operations and traffic simulation analyses. These software programs provide animated visual presentations of how traffic flows and how queues form and dissipate. CHS staff present recommendations to the general public and decision-makers to better inform them of the impacts and benefits of various transportation solutions.

Representative Traffic Operations Projects:
I-880/Broadway-Jackson Street Interchange Improvements Project, Oakland, CA
Pier 27 Traffic Simulation Study, San Francisco, CA
I-80 Freeway Performance Initiative Project
SR-4 and 24 Freeway Performance Initiative Project, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, CA
Van Ness Avenue BRT Project, San Francisco, CA
Treasure Island Ramp Improvement Project PSR, San Francisco, CA
Port of Oakland 7th Street Grade Separation Project, Oakland, CA
Brisbane Baylands Development Project, Brisbane, CA
Stockton Street Transit and Pedestrian Enhancement Project, San Francisco, CA

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