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Stockton Street Enhancement Project San Francisco, CA

The purpose of this MTC Livable Communities Grant-funded project was to develop transit and pedestrian enhancement strategies for Chinatown’s Stockton Street. Stockton Street is a major north-south arterial that connects Chinatown with North Beach, Union Square, and freeway on and off-ramps. It also has extremely high volumes of MUNI buses, and pedestrians, as well as double-parking problems. CHS developed a multi-modal plan that won consensus support from the Chinatown community and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

CHS led this project with extensive community participation. On the technical side, CHS conducted traffic, parking (autos and trucks), pedestrian, transit, and accident analyses. CHS identified alternatives that would improve pedestrian crossings and reduce conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles, pedestrian safety, and MUNI bus operations. We also identified strategies to accommodate parking and loading demand and to reduce double parking. In addition to a number of baseline improvements, CHS identified four major capital investment alternatives, which were analyzed using a CORSIM model. The model assessed signal operations, travel time delay, and MUNI bus delays for each of the alternatives.

Through a community planning process, consensus was reached around a final plan, which was unanimously approved by the City’s Board of Supervisors.



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