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VTA El Camino Real Bus Rapid Transit Project EIS/EIR Santa Clara County, CA

El Camino Real (SR-82) is one of the main thoroughfares that run through Santa Clara County. The El Camino Real Bus Rapid Transit Project will replace current express bus service for the six cities on the corrider with BRT service between the Palo Alto Transit Center and Downtown San Jose. The project would serve 16 stations along the 17-mile corridor, 14 of which will be new, enhanced BRT stations. The project also proposes to install bus-only lanes in certain portions of the corridor. New vehicles will exemplify a higher-quality of transit service and work with the station design to allow for fast, all-door boarding and exiting.

CHS Consulting Group is responsible for traffic impact analysis for 164 off-corridor intersections. These 164 intersections cover five local jurisdictions from San Jose to Palo Alto. There are 10 project scenarios, including mixed-traffic operation, exclusive bus lanes in side-running operation, and  exclusive bus lanes in center-running operation. The center-running bus lanes may traverse the entire corridor or be limited to select local cities. CHS also worked with the project team to conduct research and to develop consistent thresholds of significance criteria for assessing significant traffic impacts. CHS worked closely with the project team on this fast tracking project and completed the analyses in two months.

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