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Los Angeles County Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Study Los Angeles County, CA

To advance its goal of a multi-corridor BRT network, LA Metro has engaged a consultant team including CHS Consulting Group to perform a comprehensive review of possible BRT corridors throughout Los Angeles County. The project includes a review of best practices for implementing BRT service and identification of a preliminary list of 43 candidate corridors from over 100 possible corridors considered. After establishing an early short-list of 12-16 potentially viable corridors, the team will assess the viability of exclusive lane opportunities, identify transit-oriented development and other economic and funding opportunities. This step is considered key for receiving federal Small Starts funding for the short-listed corridors. The team will recommend implementing a list of at least of five candidate projects with the highest potential for success. The study will also identify feasible and cost-effective techniques to improve the quality of street life at bus stops, and take into account input from the LA Metro Bus Riders Union and other stakeholders.

CHS Consulting Group was responsible for analyzing existing bus ridership in Los Angeles County and identifying a priority list of 12 potential BRT corridors. Using GIS spatial analysis, CHS analyzed existing ridership data for approximately 100 candidate LA Metro and other regional and municipal bus lines in the 12 corridors. Based on that analysis, CHS selected 12 priority BRT corridors (out of a total of 43 candidate corridors) with the most potential ridership.

CHS Consulting Group will be responsible for assessing opportunities and viabilities for exclusive BRT lanes, highlighting corridor constraints, and assessing the feasibility of various physical improvements and operational strategies, such as streetscape treatments based on “Complete Streets” principles.

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