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VTA Light Rail Transit Efficiency Project Santa Clara County, CA

The Light Rail Transit Efficiency Project will advance major improvements intended to increase speed in the system and ensure its ability to handle projected ridership growth. This growth will be driven by three factors: 1) the new 68,500-seat 49ers Stadium in Santa Clara, which will generate up to 18,000 new person trips in the VTA system on game days; 2) the expansion of BART service into Santa Clara County, expected to contribute a 25% increase in LRT ridership; and 3) anticipated large-scale development along the North First Street Corridor, estimated to increase ridership by 200 percent.

The current phase of the project will provide planning and alternatives analysis, conceptual engineering, and preliminary engineering to 35% design for four interconnected system areas:

  • The 49ers Stadium Station and Track Improvements Project will identify and evaluate operational, access, and capital improvements necessary to serve transit riders attending games while maintaining efficient service for other riders throughout the system;

  • The Tasman Express Project will institute new limited-stop service between downtown Mountain View and Alum Rock Transit Center in San Jose;

  • The Guadalupe Express Project will increase and accelerate service between Almaden and Mountain View stations, and reconfigure service on the Vasona line between Campbell and downtown San Jose;

  • The North First Street Speed Improvements will increase LRT speeds on the corridor from 35 to 45 mph, and may ultimately involve full signal prioritization.

CHS Consulting Group will provide LRT operations analysis, traffic operations analysis, and an access study for the 49ers Stadium in Santa Clara. The operations analysis will examine multiple factors such as service and operating plans, train layover and storage capacity, traffic signal programming, bus layover and boarding capacity, station relocation and configuration, and interfaces with motor vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Traffic analyses will take into account the capability of the traffic signal system to accommodate a higher level of transit signal priority. Analyses will consider demand associated with San Francisco 49ers football games, as well as with other stadium events and attractions such as Great America Amusement Park and the Santa Clara County Convention Center.

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