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Grant Avenue Streetscape Project Novato, CA

This was a fast track project with limited funding for implementation in a mid-sized Bay Area city. The first phase involved the development of a concept plan for the entire downtown portion of Grant Avenue and working with merchants and the City to prioritize expenditures. The second phase involved final design of the project. Key elements of the project included corner bulbing, tree planting, and flexible zones (allowing angled parking areas to be used for both parking and outdoor displays or dining).

CHS Consulting Group was involved in the initial planning and in the final design of the project. performed technical analyses of traffic, parking, and pedestrian crossing conditions, and a feasibility study for a roundabout. CHS assisted the design firm of Freedman Tung & Sasaki (formerly Freedman Tung & Bottomley) in the concept design to ensure viability from a traffic engineering perspective. CHS was also responsible for the final design of signal modification, signing and striping, and traffic control plans during the construction period.

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