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Mission Bay Development Traffic Signal Design San Francisco, CA

To date, CHS Consulting Group has designed a total of 21 new traffic signals , 2 traffic signal modifications, and one traffic control plan in Mission bay.

The traffic signals on Third and Fourth Streets are along the Muni LRT line and require a signal priority system for the light rail trains. There is also an at-grade Caltrain rail transit crossing at the intersection of 7th and 16th Streets. In addition, there are 3 I-280 Caltrans signals: one at the I-280 on- and off-ramps at King and 5th Streets, and two at the I-280 on-ramps and off-ramps at Mariposa Street.

New Traffic Signals:

  Third St at North Commons

  Third St at South Commons

  Third St at Owens/Pac Bell

  Third St at Mission Rock

  Third St at Sixteenth St

  Fourth St at Townsend

  Fourth St at Berry

  Fourth St at Owens

  Fourth St at Sixteenth St

  Fourth St at Mission Bay Blvd North

  Fourth St at Mission Bay Blvd South

  Fourth St at China Basin

  Seventh at Sixteenth St



  Sixteenth St at Vermont

  Sixteenth St at Owens

  Channel St at El Dorado North

  Channel St at El Dorado South

  Mariposa at Terry Francois Blvd and Illinois St

  Mission Bay Drive at Seventh and Berry

  I-280 On-Ramp at Mariposa

  I-280 Off-Ramp at Mariposa

 Traffic Signal Modifications:

  Third St at South St

  Fifth St at King/I-280 Ramps

CHS coordinated the design of signals, intersection geometries, and the LRT signal priority system with several city agencies, including the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, and state & regional agencies including Caltrans, the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board, and Union Pacific Railroad.

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