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Fruitvale Alive! Community Transportation Plan Oakland, CA

The Fruitvale Alive Project, funded by an Environmental Justice Grant, was a collaboration between the City of Oakland and two community organizations: the Spanish-Speaking Unity Council and the Dimond Neighborhood Improvement Association. The study identified traffic, pedestrian, bicycle, and transit improvements, with a focus on livability and safety. The study area comprises Fruitvale Avenue from the Dimond District (north of MacArthur Boulevard) to the City of Alameda border, Coolidge Avenue and MacArthur Boulevard.

CHS Consulting Group was the lead consultant responsible for the technical analysis and community outreach process. CHS analyzed key traffic circulation issues, traffic and pedestrian accidents along the corridor, transit needs, and bicycle enhancement opportunities, and proposed traffic and pedestrian safety improvements to remedy existing deficiencies. CHS used a “tool box” approach to illustrate potential traffic safety strategies, such as creative signing and striping, and pavement markings. CHS created a traffic simulation model (SIMTRAFFIC) to test potential changes in signal timing to improve traffic flow in the area. Final recommendations include intersection geometric changes to improve traffic circulation and calm traffic, AC Transit bus stop changes to increase bus speed and access, signal timing changes, and streetscape improvements.

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