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Octavia Boulevard and Central Freeway Circulation Study San Francisco, CA

The Central Freeway/Octavia Boulevard Circulation Study is being conducted to quantify and evaluate the performance of the transportation system in the .63-square-mile Market & Octavia neighborhood, recommend traffic distribution improvements in the area, and address other key local and regional transportation issues. Many of these issues arose with the demolition of the Octavia Street portion of the earthquake-damaged Central Freeway, the opening of the retrofitted Central Freeway in 2005 (which included a touch-down ramp at Market and Octavia Boulevard), and the initiation of several citywide transportation improvement projects. The study has a twin focus: examining local neighborhood needs to improve livability, and examining the larger multimodal network to improve regional accessibility.

CHS Consulting Group is leading this project, with assistance from Freedman Tung & Sasaki, Adavant Consulting, and Wilbur Smith & Associates. CHS is preparing an existing-conditions report that compiles and analyzes previously- and newly-gathered data on traffic circulation, public transit, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, and SWITR traffic safety data. With input from SFCTA and multiple community stakeholders, CHS will identify key issues, discuss opportunities and constraints, propose and prioritize possible solutions, and develop cost estimates for 3 design options. Public outreach efforts, including community workshops and a design charrette, will guide the final designs and recommendations. CHS will work to identify sources and help procure funding to implement the recommendations. In addition to extensive public outreach, the entire project requires extensive coordination with SFCTA and a Technical Advisory Committee comprising representatives from the San Francisco Department of Public Works, the Mayor’s Office of Greening, and Caltrans.

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