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Academy of Art University Institutional Master Plan San Francisco, CA

San Francisco’s Academy of Art University (Academy), in accordance with City policy, prepared an Institutional Master Plan (IMP) providing an overview of the Academy’s programs and facilities, as well as Five-Year and Ten-Year plans for future growth. CHS supported the effort by preparing the transportation element of the IMP. The Academy is the largest private school of art and design in the United States. It is an urban campus, with institutional buildings found throughout San Francisco. The Academy is unique in its spatial orientation as well as its reliance, by policy, on transit (including its own bus shuttle system) to move its people between buildings.

CHS Consulting Group was generally responsible for assessing and documenting the existing transportation character of the Academy with respect to San Francisco’s multimodal environment, and assessing the relative transportation changes associated with projected growth in enrollment over the next 10 years. The work addressed the existing street network, transit network, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, parking supply and demand, truck loading conditions, and transportation demand management.

The on-site enrollment at the Academy was projected to grow from about 11,000 on-site students to 17,000 on-site students by year 2020. The potential total incremental growth in travel demand over the same period would be approximately 4,000 new PM peak hour person-trips. The large majority of these new trips would be made by non-auto modes, including AAU shuttle, public transit, walk and bike. The assessment of the potential impacts of this substantial growth was qualitative in nature in accordance with City policy. The results of the assessment helped guide the Academy with respect to policy and functional actions and strategies to manage growth in travel demand.

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