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Brisbane Baylands Development Project Brisbane, CA

This 500-acre development site was previously a landfill site on the eastern portion and a rail yard on the western portion, bisected by Caltrain tracks. It is located immediately south of the San Francisco County line, and north of a salt water lagoon. Key challenges for future developments at this site are needs for significant transit and roadway improvements, and partnership with public agencies in funding and phasing of transportation improvements.

CHS Consulting Group staff have been involved in this project since 1992. CHS staff developed the initial vision for transportation investments, including:

  • The relocation of the Caltrain Bayshore station southward into the project site and creation of an Multimodal Transit Center that would accommodate Caltrain, commuter rail, Muni BRT routes, the Muni Third Street LRT line, and Muni and SamTrans buses;
  • The abandonment of Union Pacific spur tracks to accommodate site development (completed);
  • Extension of Geneva Avenue to the US 101 Harney Way interchange; and
  • US 101 Harney Way interchange improvements.

CHS accomplishments to date included assisting the City of Brisbane in successfully incorporating several key transportation projects for the vision into the MTC’s Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) procuring Measure A funding from San Mateo County, and preparing a multimodal transportation plan for the project Specific Plan.

On behalf of the project sponsor, CHS has been coordinating with consultant teams hired by the local cities responsible for the preparation of a Project Study Report for the US 101 Harney Way interchange improvements and development of the Multimodal Transportation Center site selection evaluation study, and the Hunters Point/Candlestick Point development projects.  CHS also developed a VISSIM micro-simulation model for the Geneva Avenue Extension Project and US 101 interchange ramp improvements. The Specific Plan has been submitted, and the Specific Plan EIR and US 101 Interchange PSR are in progress.

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