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Glen Park Station Transportation Feasibility Study San Francisco, CA

The main objective of the project is to evaluate the feasibility of the transportation concepts identified in the Glen Park Community Plan. The project involves detailed traffic operations analysis to confirm or refine a previously identified option and prepare concept plans for these improvements.  The Glen Park Community Plan concepts include:

  • A clockwise bus-only or bus-and-taxi loop around the Glen Park BART station;
  • ADA-compliant access from J-Church line to BART station;
  • Concourse level BART entry and conceptual pedestrian bridge;
  • Extension of Muniís 35 Eureka bus line to the Glen Park BART;
  • Intersection improvements at Diamond/Bosworth, Bosworth/Arlington/San Jose Ave On-Ramp, Bosworth/Lyell, Joost/Diamond/Monterey, and immediately adjacent intersections to enhance bus intermodal transfers and pedestrian connectivity;
  • Traffic calming within the Glen Park village.

CHS was responsible for developing a VISSIM traffic simulation model used to evaluate the feasibility for each of the concepts above. The VISSIM model simulated conflicts among pedestrian access, Muni bus access and stops, traffic circulation, bicycle access, and private- company-sponsored bus services in and near the station area.. The project involved video-taping of bus and auto dwell times on both sides of the station frontages and detailed counts of auto, bus, pedestrian, and bicycle volumes. The VISSIM results provided a comparisons of benefits and impacts on bus travel time and delay and auto travel time and delay, and were used as key inputs for evaluating project alternatives. 

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